Acting In-charge of Gulu Hospital Maternity Ward Arrested for Alleged Extortion

Jane Angudeyo, the acting in charge of the maternity ward at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital (GRRH) is in trouble for allegedly extorting money from mothers seeking services at the facility. She was picked up by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon at the directives of the State Minister for State Economic Monitoring, Beatrice Akello Akori. 

She was led by plain-clothed police officers to Gulu Central Police Station to record for abuse of office. Her arrest followed complaints from mothers accusing her and other staff of demanding money before offering them services. 

The mothers and their attendants told Akori that they were being charged money in the maternity unit to buy gloves, polythene bags, painkillers, cannulas, syringes, detergents, and razor blades among others. 

Akori was conducting a monitoring exercise at the facility to ascertain the service delivery and status of the hospital. She randomly interacted with several patients and mothers who were at the hospital. One of the mothers who delivered from the facility on Sunday told the Minister that she was asked to pay 2,000 Shillings for gloves, Shillings 5,000 for polythene, and Shillings 200 for a razor blade. 

Another mother, who asked not to be named due to fear of reprisal from the implicated staff said that she was also asked by one of the midwives to buy gloves, polythene, and a placenta clip from her, which she did. After consulting with several other mothers, Akori ordered Angudeyo’s arrest to aid a further investigation on the grounds that she was irresponsible and could have connived with her colleagues to defraud the mothers.  

James Ojwang, the Acting Principal Administrator of Gulu Regional Referral Hospital who was present during the arrest regretted the actions of the staff and pledged that an inquiry will be constituted to penalize them.    

Peter Banya, the Gulu East Division Deputy Resident City Commissioner said that a section of the hospital staff needs to be investigated.  This is not the first time patients have raised concerns about poor service delivery at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital. Many patients and attendants say that they are asked to buy drugs from outside and pay for some medical services.  

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