TRAGEDY: 24 family members die after mistaking fertiliser for salt

Twenty four members of the same family have died after consuming suspected poisoned food. The tragic incident happened in Danzake village in North Western Nigeria on Monday.

According to the Sokoto Health Commissioner, Ali Inname, the family mistakenly used a fertiliser chemical known as ” Gishirin Lalle ” in hausa language instead of table salt.

The Health Commissioner said that the medical personnel tried but didn’t succeed in saving the victims’ lives.

“Regrettably, the entire family who ate the meal lost their lives, except 2 female members who merely tasted the food and are currently responding to treatment with good chances of survival,” Inname said before adding that “Attempts to save the lives of all the affected people by providing the needed medical care proved


“It is very important for the public to know that this incident, though preventable and not contagious is extremely fatal even with the best of medical attention and care,” he added.

Inname advised people to always separate the storage sites for food ingredients from other agricultural chemicals and carefully check all the ingredients before use.

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