Why your toddler should use Akiddie

A lot has happened since 2019 and amongst those is the Corona Pandemic that has stifled everything including education. However, the pandemic hasn’t continued to be as bad as it was from March 2020, different aspects of life that were affected have been almost been rejuvenated back to the usual.

Though, some things haven’t come back to normal especially in third world countries like Uganda where schools haven’t fully opened making the country a World record Holder for having closed schools for the longest time. Parents have resorted to alternative ways for their children to acquire some education and basic knowledge.

Some parents have enrolled their children in international schools since they are running normally. Some have kept theirs at home and hired special tutors for them whereas others cannot afford any of these options and have just kept their children at home with no academic or educational activity to engage them in. This has greatly affected children both positively and negatively.

Nevertheless, amidst all this uncertainty around the re-opening of schools, there is hope for every parent especially those whose children are very young toddlers and those who cannot afford International Schools and private tutors.

Akiddie has been set up to meet every child’s needs. This is a simple application that helps children acquire basic knowledge from educational and entertainment content written by different African writers. The app offers children an opportunity to learn good language skills from its special features.

Akiddie offers children audio-visual and readable books which helps them learn how to read and speak. On this app, children or parents can download the books from different African authors who have written the books to suit the African child and be able to read watch and listen later.

Parents or children also have an option of choosing the kind of content they would like to view such as entertainment, education, they can also choose content that suits the kind of community they are from such as an African that is Igbo or one who is a Mukiga can choose content that suits them in this manner either in that language or context.

Children and Parents can also choose a creator they would like to read, watch from or listen to. They can also make recommendations on content and creators to their fellow users. Akiddie hasn’t only been designed to be accessible by Africans but for people from different continents too. The app has many features which are designed to expose the child to basic education and entertainment.

This is an app every parent should acquire for the educational development of their children. Any parent can venture into this option to keep their children academically busy during the lockdown of school and in the ordinary lives of their children.

This app is completely free and so are most of its features and content creators. Authors also give parents an option of making subscriptions to their content if they can afford to. Akiddie has been designed to be accessible by all parents for their children and can therefore be found on both Android; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akiddie.com.ng.akiddie and Apple; https://apps.apple.com/ng/app/akiddie/id1567791770 . For a parent who doesn’t want to download the app, the developers have the option of using their website.

Akiddie wasn’t designed to only be used in such times of lockdown but daily as well for children to enhance their literacy skills.

Children get to read their favorite content and learn from it
Your child doesn’t have to always carry books. They can use Akiddie on their own gadget or parents’ gadget

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