Why you are not hitting that weight loss goal

By Amanda Tumwine

 Every year people come up with resolutions, one of them being weight loss, the desire to look sexier, to fit in that dream dress and perhaps put on that swimwear without being conscious of the stares and small whispers 

However, the journey to weight loss is not an easy one, with people coming up with all kinds of shortcuts and beliefs to get to that goal quicker

Here is a list of myths that could answer why you are not losing weight and how to change that;

  1. Skipping breakfast

The belief that skipping breakfast will reduce the calorie intake however convincing it may seem is not advisable, after studies it was discovered that skipping breakfast will increase the fasting insulin levels and total cholesterol levels as the body’s way to cope and survive on the low blood sugar which will instead increase the waist size

  1. Weight loss supplements

According to some people, weight loss supplements are the way to go . In reality these are generally short term, ineffective or even dangerous.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported to have found hundreds of products marketed as dietary supplements but actually contain hidden active ingredients in drugs and have been removed from market due to few studies in humans.

  1. Targeting fat loss for specific areas 

Some people are determined to lose weight in specific areas such as only tummy, thighs, arms. In reality targeting is not possible and our bodies respond differently to weight loss hence we can’t choose which bits go and which stay.

However the right toning exercises with diet can give an impression of a region specific weight loss.

  1. Fad diet 

With social media and different celebrities promoting all kinds of diets such as the Keto diet , Juice cleanse, gluten free diet, paleo diet . People have taken on these diets expecting results but in vain. This is because all these are not what your body needs, you are denying a proper balanced diet to your body instead.

  1. Snacking is not allowed

According to popular belief snacking is the enemy of progress, but snacking is a way to curb hunger and avoid eating large amounts of food, so the question is not snacking but what are you snacking on .Having a piece of fruit between meals or a handful of unsalted nuts could curb hunger and stop the urge to eat a lot.

  1. Cut out all fats

Denying your body completely of any fat is detrimental to health as the body needs essential fats such as omega 3 and omega 6 so switching mandazi for some nuts ,fish whole eggs, avocado and dark chocolate will be a better option.

The take home

Weight loss can be challenging, the secret is to be patient and disciplined, those 30 minute workouts  for three days a week coupled with a healthier diet with reduction in calories and enough sleep will produce more results than everything you see or hear.  Seek the advice of a doctor and nutritionist before taking on any new diet or if you have underlying conditions such as diabetes .  Remember good things take time.

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