Things a woman should own

It’s obvious that women should not only own luxury items, every woman whether young or old has needs that cannot be overlooked.

Here’s a few things every woman should own;

Love and Affection

Feeling loved and being shown affection makes a woman see the best in herself and she looks forward to bringing it out. She needs to be surrounded by a deep sense of belonging, which assures her of love and acceptance.


Knowing that you’ve got her back makes her want to take on the world. Assuring (feeling safe) a woman of security is one way to tell her she’s not alone in the world, and you’ve got her back, looking out for her success, and being ready to defend her.

Heartfelt Communication

Having someone to have honest conversations with by sharing day-to-day events with them makes a woman relieved of stress and helps her feel refreshed to carry the next day’s burden.

Financial Care and Support

A lady has always got a list of things to do with money as well as things to buy. Giving her some financial support to run the day through makes her feel cared about.


To feel appreciated and be trusted enough for you to devote yourself to her. She knows she has a lot to offer, but seeks approval from you, knowing you can count on her and wants to be able to count on you too for support and help.

Life goals

Setting life goals makes a woman’s focus undeterred. Having life goals makes a woman feel relevant to the world.

A close friend or partner

Having someone to talk to now and then is a thing a woman would not joke with. This could be her spouse or just a listening friend.

Active day-to-day working plan

Making sure that life does not just happen to you means that you have to be up and doing. Attending to your set plans for each day would make you as a woman active.

Firm self-confidence

Having a great confidence level is a good boost for a woman. It keeps you going and pushing through.

A special recipe

You should have a unique recipe that gets your visitors, friends, and family talking whenever you make them a dish from such.

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