Ten first impressions that women look for in men right away

People usually say that you cannot emphasise enough on how important first impressions are but sometimes they determine whether the person you are meeting will like you or not.

Occasionally, while men tend to admire, on the other hand women will inspect every single thing in men when it comes to the first impression.

First impressions fall into place in the first few seconds of a conversation and you only get a few seconds to impress.

Here are some of the things women notice;

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is literally about how you look. Do not go on a date with unkempt hair or dirty clothes and smelly socks. Try to look good because If you do not put enough effort in looking good, neither will she try to impress you.


Women love bold and confident men with opinions and views. During the conversation, she will try to know how confident you are and how you approach things. Be positive, have a conversation with her and don’t try to act smart.


Your first conversations with a lady make a determinant in your personality traits. Women like men who have the ability to laugh. In the same sense, how you look at her or give compliments about how she looks is a boost in the first impressions. If you are distracted by your phone then that is a red flag.


Women find you boring if you can’t keep up the conversation. So, hold her attention and make the session lively. The more you communicate, the more she will know about you. She might notice your communication skills, so be yourself and avoid arrogance.

Sense of humour

Women love guys who have a good sense of humour and who can make them laugh. Start the first conversation on a light and funny note to bring out the positive results. Avoid dirty jokes during first conversation and earn points with healthy humour.


A man with no manners is highly unlikely to get any woman’s attention. Small details like respect, greeting people, letting ladies be first, are very likely to say more about you on a first date.


All you’ve got to do is to hold her attention because the more or longer a woman gets to know a man, the more physically attractive he becomes in her mind. Women look for someone that can keep up the conversation.


This includes your overall smell (body odor), cologne and breath. Your scent is an indication of how considerate you are of yourself and of others because being with body odor or distracting people with your cologne is disgusting and irritating.


Regardless of what style you adapt, it’s a good indicator of the type of man you are if your clothes are proportional to your body regardless of what your body type is. It simply shows you care about yourself enough to have respect for your own appearance.


Your features whether good or bad, and how you make the best of what you have is a big deal to women. Your skin, nose and ear hair, facial hair among others must be groomed. These tell how well you treat yourself and understand that your appearance matters to yourself.

I hope you find this helpful!

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