Signs of self-destructive habits

Self-destructive habits are common and obvious, you might think of them as helpful habits but they are destructively doing more bad than good.

It is important to identify them and deal with them so that they don’t harm your inner peace and well-being. Some common signs include;

A Self-Defeating Mindset

People who suffer from depression or anxiety believe they are not good at anything they try to do. Self-destructive people focus on things that go wrong in their lives rather than the good ones.

You don’t believe in yourself

Talking to yourself could be a strong force, whether it’s positive or negative. If you continuously talk yourself out of your aspirations you may not reach your potential.


Self-destructive people tend to be lazy when it comes to taking action to better themselves. For example after an interview, they won’t look back at what they did wrong and try to improve for the next time but tsimply blow it.

You compare yourself with others

If you want to compare yourself with someone else, look at those who have less and are struggling then be grateful for all your advantages and achievements and commit yourself to sharing your blessings.

Forced incompetences

While some people have natural gifts for certain skills, these gifts mean nothing if they’re not practiced. Just because you’re not good at something doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to learn those skills.

It might be more difficult for you than it is for others, but that’s all the more reason to be proud of yourself for working hard and achieving something.

You dismiss compliments.

A compliment shows that someone sees value in you. When you dismiss those compliments you’re telling them that either you do not have the qualities they think you have, or you’re insecure to appreciate that you do.


Everyone has shortcomings and weaknesses. After your pity is over, you’ll still be miserable, and you will have wasted time you could have used to better yourself. Stop feeling bad for yourself and work on the negative qualities in your life that are dragging you down.

Sabotaging relationships

This involves one’s words and actions hurting relationships with friends or relatives. Some behaviors can be harmful especially if associated with jealousy, manipulation, and aggression. Behaviors like these can become dangerous when they lead to actions like inappropriate sexual behavior with friends.

Running from emotions

It could be through alcohol and drug abuse or not, self-destructive people hide from their emotions with a happy face which makes others believe that everything is okay. Self-destructive people not only run from negative emotions, but positive ones as well.

Unnecessary self-sacrifice

Some people focus on making others happy that they don’t take time for themselves. It could be working too hard, or going out with friends just because they feel like they have to. People neglect themselves in favor of others for absolutely no reason. It’s best to put yourself first and let others know what you think.

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