Mistakes men do but must avoid while texting girls

Y’all men think you’ve met the girl of your dreams, but after the first time and a few more texts, she doesn’t want to see or even text you again. Another agrees to a date but never turns up and you get introduced to a third girl but she keeps avoiding you like the plague after several texts. The truth is there must be something wrong you’re doing.
Here are most of the mistakes boys need to stop making when sending texts to girls.

10. Waiting for too long

Why wait for a week to text a girl you just meet if you’re so crazy about her? There is no point waiting if you really like her – send her a text the same day you meet her! Texting a few days after the first meet-up is a mistake that must be avoided.

9. Replying to her texts too quickly or after days.
Why would you send a text message to your new girl and then stare fixedly at your screen expecting her instant reply? Or rather, what do you think you’d gain from replying to her text message weeks after receiving it… or almost immediately after you got it? The point here is this: give her something to think about by responding to her text messages an hour or two after receiving it, and never instantly or weeks after you got hers.

8. Using terrible abbreviations in texts
Using words like “lol” and “lmao” is fast becoming the norm in most chats and on social media, but using abbreviations in texting is bad when you just met a girl. It pisses you off as stingy with words and possibly with your money. Imagine texting “R u dere? Can we hv a gr8 time 2nite?” to a girl you just met, what impression would you create? Avoid abbreviations and write texts in their proper forms.

7. Attacking her with questions
Attacking a girl you just met with questions is bad enough, but doing this via text messages is just terrible – to say the least. It’s okay to ask a few questions about her if you sit across from each other during a date, but texting a series of questions via text message simply doesn’t cut it.

6. Your lack of humour and your texts are dry
Girls like guys with a natural sense of humour, and they feel relaxed with such guys. If you’re naturally humourous, it will show through your text messages. But when your text messages are dry and do not make a girl tick, it shows you’re not interesting and very dull and boring. Learn to inject humour into your text messages Humour creates a connection and makes you a delight to any new girl you meet if you know how to use it effectively.

5. Sending dirty jokes
It is okay to send dirty texts that could make a girl horny, but this must be reserved for girls you’ve known for long enough. Trying it with a new girl via SMS is plain silly. Dirty jokes must be well calculated before you send it via texts to any girl, or you would make her believe you are only interested in her body. Be romantic in a mature way.

4. Circuitous on without making definite points.
It’s actually very okay to inform a girl what you did during the day or at work, but you shouldn’t ramble on about what you saw at the taxi park/stage, the police siren that blew past, the office taps that the repairmen failed to fix, and how you must send some allowance to your mother back in the village. You must be discreet when you meet a girl – rambling on and on about boring things via texting is simply not good and will just make you come across as boring too.

3. Reading meanings into received texts messages
When you overanalyze text messages you receive from her, you tend to send back messages that get off point or convey the wrong meaning. Do not read meanings into her messages, and you won’t have problems understanding her. When you read meanings into a girl’s text messages, you begin to second-guess her and raise things that simply don’t exist. Just be open-minded and enjoy texting with her until things get a bit deeper to know yourselves better.

2. Asking for her name again
Girls feel offended when you don’t remember their names. Also don’t use romantic words such as “baby”, “sweetheart” and “dear” – it’s just cringeworthy!

1. Insisting on a date
It is perfectly okay to arrange a date with a girl you just met, but don’t push her to give in to a date until she’s perfectly ready for it. If you suggest a date and the time or date that is not appropriate for her, sometimes the best thing to do is ask her to let you know when she is next free. Put the ball in her court. If she doesn’t get back in touch, you have your answer. If she really does like you and it’s meant to be, she’ll let you know.

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