How to make this Christmas memorable

Christmas is something everyone always looks up to. There are several reasons why everyone looks up to this day; for some, it is because they want to buy a new dress and pair of shoes, others want to go on a boat cruise for the first time but amongst these the most important one is family. Most people look forward to this day because it is when they hope to meet and bond with their family members both close and distant.

However, not everyone gets to fully enjoy this period or have quality time with their family. For several reasons some are unable to meet their families like they would like to for several reasons and some are inevitable reasons. Every Christmas period is always different and influenced by different factors.

This is why you have to make every Christmas period special and memorable. You don’t have to repeat the same rituals you always do during this period because every Christmas period should be unique and special. Most people think a unique and special Christmas has to be luxurious, but this is a fallacy. Anyone can have a special Christmas period if they work towards it.

This season, you must work towards making it a special and memorable one. Firstly, remember that not everyone has made it to this day and they definitely would have loved to make it. For the season to feel special, you should start by considering or preparing for a thanksgiving, being thankful for your life, all the blessings and achievements that have come your way. Thanksgiving will be more special and meaningful if done with family.

Being thankful this Christmas with family will be very memorable for you and all your family members. You may wish to go to church for this or have a similar ceremony at home. Both ways are great. The most important thing is that your family and the people who matter to you are present for thanksgiving.

By now, you have already met your family and it’s important you make every time count. Spending quality time together would be the best thing and this would mean spending much more time with family than you usually do. Consider doing things that will make the bonds stronger and make beautiful memories. Doing activities that will involve everyone is great. Undertaking new things like decorating the Christmas tree and the house as a whole family would be an enjoyable and memorable activity to do.

Creating time to play games such as board games to mention but a few would be great. One of the most important activities of the season is cooking. Designing this to involve everyone through the process; from the peeling of potatoes to the serving of food would be very memorable. The bonds that are made during such activities are strong and the memories are beautiful.

Avoid using your phone often. So many people spend a lot of time on their phones, precisely because they are on social media. Being on social media is okay but make sure to spend the least time on it. Remember that social media doesn’t create memorable moments with family even if it is the one that will store the memories. You must strive to spend more time with your family more than on your phone because this time cannot be recreated and you are not guaranteed to meet every family member again.

Sidestep doing the same old rituals though some have to be done such as gift giving. If everyone in your family can bless someone with a gift, this is something you should do. Don’t have the gift-giving ceremony if only two people in the family can afford to do so. Remember your aim is to have a memorable Christmas and you cannot achieve this if everyone isn’t happy and participating.

The best memories are remembered through pictures. If you can afford it, getting a good quality camera would be great to take pictures of every moment. Nevertheless, the pictures can still be shot using a cell phone camera. Pictures always remind us of so many memories, good and bad, however, this Christmas, we are looking towards creating beautiful memories with family. Having these pictures printed and framed is something you would like to do so that for every Christmas, there are a couple of photo albums and frames that you will make and come back to visit in the future just to reminisce on the good old memories.

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