How 24 Year Old Ugandan Made World’s Largest Rolex

Ugandan Youtuber, Raymond Kahuma recently had his name scribbled in the Guinness Book of Records after he masterminded the making of the largest rolex delicacy ever made in the world.

The rolex that weighed, 204.6kg (32st 3lb), 2.32m (10ft 6in) long, was certified by Guinness World Records, and the organisation shared the news on TwitterRaymond and his team had been working for months on the preparation of the record to make sure everything went smoothly on the day,”

According to his own narration on Youtube, Raymond employed a team of 60 bakers to ensure he achieved the milestone. He faced various hurdles that almost crashed the idea, but there was no giving up.

“Making a 200kg rolex is insanely difficult,” he admits in the video.

Raymond says he had to make it work. “I saw this as my only way to achieve something. I dropped out of school, so I didn’t want to fail again,” he said in his video.

He had made an attempt in 2020, but failed, spending about $3,000 on the project. He had to find work that helped him embark on this second attempt that turned out to be successful.

The rolex is a very popular delicacy in Uganda that is made by wrapping omelette, tomatoes in a chappati. A simple one goes for 1000Ugx-1,500. Raymond and his team didn’t make a rolex to sell, but to set a record.

Bakers trying to roll the rolex

Raymond and his team struggled to ensure the rolex doesn’t break or stick on the frying pan. Watch the video below:

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