Healthy habits worth adopting for better lifestyle

Practicing regular healthy habits like eating well, staying active, and having good health screenings is really important for a positive desirable lifestyle.

Here are some good practices you could adopt to improve your health;

Practice safe sex

Sexual health is important for your overall well-being. Practice safe sex to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea and syphilis. There are available prevention measures like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) that will protect you from HIV and condoms that will protect you from HIV and other STIs.

Get tested

Getting yourself tested is important in knowing your health status, especially when it comes to HIV, sexually-transmitted infections and tuberculosis. Knowing your status helps you know how to continue preventing the diseases or get the care and treatment that you need of you are positive. Go to a health facility you are comfortable with to have yourself tested.


Laughing is more than just fun as it’s good for your health, it can reduce stress hormones and boost the immune system. It elevates mood and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression which results in a stronger immune system and fewer physical effects of stress.

Drink safe water

Consumption of unsafe water can lead to water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid among others. If you’re unsure of your water source, boil your water. This will destroy harmful organisms in the water and let it cool before drinking.

Don’t neglect dental hygiene

This could cost you alot of social insecurities. Peers will identify you and isolate themselves from you. On the other hand, Bacteria that produce dental plaque enter the bloodstream and could be associated with inflammation that blocks blood vessels and causes heart disease. So, get in the habit of giving your teeth good care and add years to your life.

Go offline

If you’re always checking your email and social media alot, set a time to log off and put the phone down. When you cut back on screen time, it frees you to do other things. Take a walk, or make yourself great dinner.

Cut on Drinking and Smoking

If you’re worried about how much you smoke, drink, or use drugs, work with a healthcare to reduce your substance use safely and effectively. Giving up could be challenging but trying could actually help you alot.


Stress could have a negative effect on your health. It could affect your blood sugar levels, food choices, weight and more. It’s s important to find healthy ways to manage your stress and meditation could be helpful.

Practice mindfulness

Being Mindful could be about being aware of both the physical and emotional feelings. This includes noticing body signals like boredom, hunger among others. Take steps to deal with the emotions like listening to calming music and eating on time.

Find substitutes for unhealthy foods

Try to avoid foods and snacks that are high in calories but low on their health benefit. Try using low-fat dairy, healthy oils like olive oil and natural sweeteners like fruit instead of high fat or sugary alternatives.

Healthy lifestyle for a lifetime living!

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