Why Weasel Failed to Turn Up for Mowzey Radio Memorial Service

Gudlyfe artiste Weasel did not turn up for the late Mowzey Radio memorial service held on February 1 in Nakawuka Kagga, and it is causing murmurs. Weasel and Radio did music together as a duo for more than a decade, and for that case, many would have thought Weasel should always be at the forefront of occasions that celebrate his now dead singing partner. It is not the case.

Weasel sent his brother Pallaso to the memorial service who told mourners that the Gudlyfe star was unable to make it because of an emotional breakdown.

Pallaso explained that Weasel just could not gather himself to be around Radio’s resting place as it evokes sad emotions.

Pallaso narrated how he had tried to cajole Weasel to turn up, but he had failed. Weasel posted his tribute to Radio on social media saying that he missed him so much.

Weasel recounted how he had fainted twice in 2018 when Radio died and how life has never been the same without him.

He promised to organize a Radio Festival next year.

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