Weasel Warns Artistes Who Perform Gudlyfe Songs without His Permission

Gudlfye artiste Weasel Manizo has warned international artistes who come for shows in Uganda and perform some of the songs he did with his deceased singing partner, Mowzey Radio. Weasel’s warning was based on Nigerian artiste Chike’s performance at Serena Hotel on Tuesday. Chike kicked off his performance with a performance of Radio and Weasel’s song, Breath Away. Yet Chike performed the song as a way of paying tribute to the fallen artiste, Radio, Weasel was not impressed by the gesture.

“Ugandan event organisers, why do you invite international artists to come and perform our own songs without consulting us?” Weasel wrote on his social media platform.

Fans were, however, quick to dismiss Weasel’s complaint. Many defended Chike on grounds that he was only paying tribute.

“There is no one we can refuse to give rights to perform or pay tribute to our own as long as you go through the right channels. Show some respect, come and ask for permission. If Wizkid and Rudebuoy Psquare can come and ask for permission, they who are you?” responded.

Weasel says he is going to start taking serious actions.

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