Ugandan designer Abbas Kaijuka celebrated at Nigerian fashion show

Ugandan fashion designer and stylist, Abbas Kaijuka is set to be honoured in Lagos, Nigeria this weekend.

Kaijuka is known for dressing up Ugandan celebrities like Spice Diana, Sheebah  and Winnie Nwagi.

The celebrity stylist will be celebrated at the Runway Trybe showcase  that is set to take place on September 5, 2021 at the Prestigious Oriental Hotel.

In this Event, Kaijuka’s brand, Kai Divo Collection will be recognised for it’s creativity and outstanding leadership in the fashion industry demonstrated over the years.

During the same event, the fashion designer will also be showcasing his latest collection.

” Fashion is something I do because I am passionate and love putting people in beautiful clothes. However, anytime I get recognised for my work and get to represent my country abroad is always humbling. I am grateful for all my clients who have stuck with me and made this brand the sensation it has become,” Kaijuka said.

Kai’s Divo collection was established in 2016 as a fashion designer house that has made a debut as a styling outlet for fashionable men and women.

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