Singers Zex Bilangilangi and Crysto Panda in a fall out

Dancehall singer Tadeo Mayega popularly known as Zex Bilangilangi are at logger heads with NTV Presenter and singer Herbert Kityamuweesi popularly known as Crysto Panda over his failure to turn up for recent booked shows

The misunderstanding between the two is a result of Zex Bilangilangi failing to turn up to perform at school functions which Crysto had booked him to perform.

Panda had initially booked Sheebah Karungi and Fik Fameica to perform at Seeta High school main campus in Mukono.

However, Fik informed Panda that he couldn’t make it because he got another gig in the UK, so he ( Panda) turned to Zex Bilangilangi as a replacement.

The ‘Biluma byaye’ singer says after Zex agreed he wired  the agreed shs700,000 to his mobile number before the performance.

However, Zex Bilangilangi didn’t show up saying that he had got caught up in traffic yet he gave him phone calls to ensure that he reaches early.

To panda’s dismay, Zex told him how he had to first have lunch with his father before setting off for the show at Seeta High school since it was Eid day.

“On the day of the event, I called him at 1 pm because he was expected at 2:30pm and the event was to end at 5pm.

When I called him, he said, don’t you know it’s a public holiday today? I need to eat food with my father, it is Eid,” Panda said.

According to Panda he had even advised his fellow artist to use a route with less traffic, because Sheebah used it and arrived in time, but he ( Zex) decided to use one that had traffic jam.

Having failed to perform at Seeta, Panda had requested Zex to perform at Mt.St.Henry’s High school, Mukono the next day but he still failed to appear citing a snarl-up ( can’t make it).

When Zex was interviewed to give his side of the story, he said that Panda had to mature up and act like a responsible adult because he explained everything to him.

“ Crysto Panda is immature and I am not a person who just follows orders. I was stuck in jam for hours so I couldn’t make it. I even asked him if I can perform at his next show to compensate for the missed shows but he just quarreled,” Zex Bilangilangi revealed.

“ I haven’t refunded him, but I told him if you want it, I can return it, or if you want, I can come and perform at another show. He has never called me again….the way he was demanding me was disrespectful and arrogant….even if he wants it now, I can send it, “ the ‘Magazine’ hitmaker added.

Panda wants Zex to at least record a video apologizing to the students who had turned up to watch him perform.

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