Singer Bruno K Opens Up on Abandoning ‘Muwunya’ Boys

In 2019 or thereabout, the talent search Yolesa Ekitone gave birth to a group of young dancers who were dismissed from the contest for having bad odor. That turned out to be their luck as many picked interest in them. Singer Bruno K is the most notable person who offered to help play guardian angel for the three boys.

Bruno K gave them a house to stay in, bought them new clothes and offered to educate them. Two years down the road, one of the boys says it was all hot air as he is now struggling to fend for himself in the ghettos of Makindye.

Empra one of the three says he was thrown out of the house Bruno K got them and now lives in a dilapidated house. His efforts to get help from Bruno have been in vain.

Through a tweet, Bruno, however, says he did not abandon the boys. “My manager housed him for 1 and half years at his home in Nsambya. He was never chased from nsambya he simply left to start a new life. We told him to go back to school he refused. But he kept calling me asking me for money yet I also had issues to fix,”Bruno K wrote on Twitter in response to the ongoing claims.

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