Singer Babaritah launches own beverage line

Considering the uncertainty in the Entertainment Industry for the past two years, many artists have been forced to come up with alternative sources of income.

Female singer, Barbara Mirembe a.k.a Babaritah decided to collaborate with like-minded business partners to develop a project that will not only benefit her but also employ fellow youth and support Ugandan farmers through value chain development.

 The Katijjo singer over the weekend launched her own beverage line called Brisk Juice and Omunanansi drink to the Ugandan market.

Brisk Juice is made with pineapples and ginger, which are natural ingredients that not only quench one’s thirst but also boost immunity.

The Board of Directors of Brisk Juice Beverages and Maritini Group officially unveiled the new drink in a colorful ceremony that took place at the company headquarters in Kyaliwanjala, Kira municipality.

Babaritah and her business partners said with this new initiative, they intend to address the challenge of unemployment by providing employment to the youth and a market for locals as they develop our beautiful country, Uganda while also protecting our environment through the production of this product.

The event was attended by fellow artists, friends and the press.

Babaritah assigned the brand Ambassadorial role for Brisk Juice to Ugandan online comedians, Sesa Bat and Allan Cruz ( Maama Brighton).

Brisk Juice is now available in all shops and supermarkets around the country.

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