Sheebah Trashes Cindy

 With the race for who will become Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) next President, Sheebah Karungi has come out to show her support for King Saha and trashed Cindy. In a new video, Sheebah has said she will back Saha for the Presidency adding that she trusts his abilities.

In a veiled jibe at Cindy, Sheebah said she did not know there was a President for UMA all these years. Cindy has been the president of the association for two years. She is seeking to continue her reign.

Cindy and Sheebah are arch-rivals. They have previously exchanged publicly and always fight for supremacy. Another artiste in the race is Maurice Kirya who says he has been approached by many musicians who say he has the ability to lead.

Different musicians are showing sides.

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