Police Recover Phones Stolen from Vumbula Concert

A Joint security operation involving different units under the Kampala Metropolitan Police North (KMP North) has recovered several mobile phones suspected to have been snatched from revelers during the Vumbula Concert in Jinja City.

The joint operation, involving the Cyber, Forensic, Crime Intelligence, and Flying Squad units, took place on Tuesday, according to the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire. He says that a dedicated team of officers from Kanyanya Police Station in Kawempe Division swung into action acting on crucial intelligence information.

“They launched a raid in Kyebando Central Zone, a known area associated with criminal activities. Their diligence and strategic approach led to the successful apprehension of two suspects identified as Nuwamanya Julius, also known as Nsubuga James, aged 20, and Kisakye Mark, aged 20, both residents of Kyebando Central Zone, Kampala District,” said Owoyesigyire in a statement.

He explains that the officers made a substantial recovery of stolen items directly related to the mobile phone snatchings at the Vumbula Concert. The confiscated items included 12 iPhone smartphones, 3 Samsung smartphones, 1 itel smartphone, a blue Nokia smartphone, 3 itel button phones, 3 Nokia button phones, 1 power bank, 3 National identity cards, 1 Ugandan passport in the name of Judith Kyarimpa, 1 identity card for Saudi Arabia also under the name of Judith Kyarimpa, 8 MTN SIM cards, 13 Airtel SIM cards, 3 Lyca cards, 3 damaged hard disks, 1 APC converter, 1 UBN radio, 1 Dell 14-inch laptop, and 1 WiFi D-link.

“Following the successful recovery, a case of possession of suspected stolen items was registered under Kanyanya Police Station. The seized items were meticulously documented, properly exhibited, and securely attached to the case file,” he said.

According to Owoyesigyire, police also obtained relevant statements from the suspects and other individuals involved in the investigation to build strong evidence. He explains that preliminary findings by the police indicate that the recovered phones were second-hand, some displaying cracked screens and covers.

“Notably, the iPhones lacked SIM cards, and several had photos of their rightful owners visible on the screens,” he said.

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