Pastor Ssempa Files Police Complaint Against the Chameleone-Weasel Kiss

Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church, has filed a complaint with the police about singers Jose Chameleone, and his brother, Weseal, for indecent and morally offensive acts he claims promotes homosexuality.

On Friday, Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleon and his brother Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel were filmed publicly embracing and kissing each other on the lips during the Gwangamujje concert at Lugogo, Kampala.

The incident left some of their fans in disbelief with some openly condemning the act saying that they are setting a bad example to the young fans who look up to them and also indirectly promoting homosexuality.

Pastor Ssempa known for being an Anti-homosexuality activist has today gone ahead to file a complaint with police authorities in Mbarara City where Chameleon is set to hold a concert this week.

The controversial pastor wants the singer’s upcoming concerts halted until a public apology is given.

Ssempa further demands Chameleone to stop further same sex kisses and romantic squeezing dances strokes in public.

This is not the first time Chameleone and Weseal have been filmed kissing each other on the lips. One of the other recent incidents occurred in 2022 at a show in Bujumbura, Burundi.

The incident is attracting a huge debate a time when a number of lawmakers and religious leaders and law makers are putting pressure on Parliament to table the anti-gay bill.

Chameleon has since apologised for the incident writing on Facebook on Tuesday,

“My sincere apologies to the general public. Weasel and I are brothers and family men. We were caught up in the heat of the moment,”

He added, “As African men, we respect African values and morals. The act is regrettable and should not have happened and will never happen again. On behalf of the Mayanja family, I kindly apologize.”

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