Nike Training Club Launches On Netflix

Netflix and Nike have teamed up to help subscribers reach their fitness goals in 2023 with the launch of the Nike Training Club. The first batch of 46 videos is now available on the streaming platform. To find the exercise sessions, all users have to do is search for “fitness.”

Each Nike Training Club program has multiple episodes and when Netflix releases the whole series there will be a total of 30 hours of motivating exercise sessions. The streamer noted that all programs will be available in multiple languages across all of Netflix’s plans.

The move comes at the close of a year of stiff challenges for Netflix. The company remains the global streaming leader with 223 million subscribers but faces a welter of U.S. challengers in streaming and also is pushing into video games, consumer products and other areas with established heavyweights.

Keeping subscribers engaged is the company’s primary mission, so as to avoid “churn,” the dreaded industry term for subscribers canceling their service. Historically, Netflix achieved an enviably low churn rate by spending ever more billions on programming capable of enticing subscribers to stay. Today, amid layoffs and cutbacks, the company has said it will hold steady with content spending at $18 billion a year. That makes partnerships such as the one with worth trying, arguably, as it secures a batch of new content without Gray Man-scale costs. Variety is also important, as the company has pushed into unscripted, comedy, family animation and other areas in recent years.

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