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Musician to Pay Former Minister Kiyonga For Defamatory Song

Popular Kasese district artiste, Jolly Kahyana, is to pay sh4m in damages to Uganda’s former Defence Minister, Crispus Kiyonga for defamation. 

This follows a High Court ruling in 2022 against Kahyana for having defamed Kiyonga, through a song: Kabudunga, which went viral in late 2021. In the song, “Kabudunga” means troublemaker.

Kiyonga, who is also a member of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), said the song tarnished his image.

At a press conference attended by both parties at Sandton Hotel in Kasese Municipality, Kahyana apologised to Kiyonga and promised never to sing or make any biased composition against anybody. 

“I beg for your pardon musyakulhu (mzee) for having tarnished your name in the community and implore you to accept my apology,” he said.

Kahyana added: “I assure you that whenever and wherever you meet me hereafter, be assured you are meeting a transformed Kahyana.”

He further asked for pardon from the public whom he might have offended through the song.

The singer also denounced his song, and warned that whoever plays it will be held personally accountable.

He thanked God for the opportunity to physically share and sit with the former minister, saying he had never shared a table with Kiyonga, a three-time former MP for Bukonzo West Constituency.

The singer also requested Kiyonga to forfeit the sh4m and court bills as directed by High court at Fort Portal city. 

“Even if you reduced it to only sh100, 000, I cannot raise it. So, I request you to forego that,” Kahyana said.

“I accept the apology and commend him for publicly denouncing the song,” Kiyonga said.

He, however, insisted on the payment of the shillings four million, asking Kahyana to call for a family meeting to raise his court expenses.

The press meeting was attended by Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament Ferigo Kambale, who thanked the two parties for embracing reconciliation.

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