MC Kats to launch HIV testing campaign on Independence Day

NBS TV presenter Edwin Katamba commonly known as MC Kats has revealed that he is going to spearhead an HIV testing campaign for celebrities on Uganda’s Independence Day, 9th October.

The celebrated MC made this revelation during an interview with Spark TV.

MC Kats further said the campaign has been in the pipeline for a long time but he failed to launch the drive because of disruption by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also added that the government in its efforts to curb down the effects of COVID-19 pandemic has neglected the people living with HIV.

“I am going to run an HIV campaign on Independence Day specifically for celebrities. I am doing this for the good of people having HIV because I think government is no longer caring about them as their efforts are now on COVID-19,” MC Kats said.

MC Kats called on Ugandans to stop the vice of stigmatising people living with HIV because they are also normal people who deserve love, care and respect like any other people.

This follows his recent complaints of the public stigmatising the ladies he has dated. Of recent, MC Kats’ current girlfriend, Caroline Marcah, a Bukedde TV presenter also revealed how she has been stigmatised for dating him inspite of his HIV status.

MC Kats is among the few Ugandan celebrities that have boldly revealed their HIV status to the public.

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