Judith Babirye Apologizes for Disrupting Woman’s Marriage

Former Buikwe Member of Parliament and musician Judith Babirye has made a public apology for disrupting Ms Lukia Ntale’s marriage a couple of years ago. Babirye, it can be recalled got married to fellow MP (then) Paul Musoke Ssebulime who was in a relationship with Lukia. She overlooked the relationship and snatched Musoke into her arms. Babirye dissolved her first marriage with Samuel Niiwo to be able to marry Musoke.

In a video she recorded in Canada, Babirye has said she regrets her actions and seeks forgiveness from Lukia and the public.

“Find it in your heart to forgive me. I know it is hard, but please forgive me. I also ask my fans, those who love my music and those who look up to me to forgive me too. I am seeking to start a new journey and chapter, but God has asked me to also ask for forgiveness as I head into a new chapter in my life,” she said.

Babirye split with Musoke only months after their lavish wedding. She flew out of Uganda, leaving her position as Member of Parliament, and many other responsibilities.

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