It’s not too late to start your DJ career – Deejay Bugy

There has constantly been a stereotype about pursuing a DJ (deejay) career. This is always common among parents, family and friends. However, this is a career anyone can pursue despite all the typecasts about it ranging from the career being for unserious people to being a career for failures to being a career for boys to mention but a few. Such typecasts have been a discouragement to so many of the young people that would want to pursue this career.

Amongst the deejays that have made it in their career might have been rejected by family or despised but nevertheless still made it to the big stage. Amongst these is Pius Buguzi aka Deejay Bugy.
As a youth, his love for deejaying started back in the day during high school where he was an entertainment prefect. This role gave him access to the school’s music system and external deejays the school brought in for different events. With time he got acquainted with how to connect the equipment and took it upon himself to acquire some deejaying skills.

Subsequently, after high school, he knew he wanted to pursue this career but wasn’t sure how his family especially his parents would take it. Nonetheless, he went ahead and started to build the dream he loved. He often returned to his prior high school to deejay at their events and this was with the barest acquaintance with the job. Through time, he started practicing and following some tutorials, it is at this point that he needed to make a brand for himself. This was when he got the name Deejay Bugy.

Buguzi would tell you that he has been able to move on from being an entertainment prefect to a career deejay and medical student.”I managed to build a strong, reliable and supportive network of friends that has helped me get deejaying jobs at different events and places. I have deejayed at places like NTV because of my friends’ support. I also use my social media handles to market myself for any upcoming events to pick me up.” Buguzi said.

This is what he said about managing to have deejaying jobs often. He has been deejaying for over four years now and attending medical school too. He said he practices every time so as to keep up to date with his skills.
Amazingly, his parents and family only got to know about his career last year. Buguzi says his parents have no issues with him deejaying unlike his other family members that look at him as hopeless and all the stereotypes attached to being a deejay.

Buguzi said that he was able to elucidate to his parents why he chose this career and they were able to appreciate it unlike his other family, this is what mattered to him most. Buguzi added that he hasn’t made it to straightforwardly as his first laptop he used was from his cousin that would often lend it to him until he saved enough money to buy his own. He also asserts that he hasn’t made it to the top like he wants it to be but he trusts the process.

Deejay Bugy thinks anyone can become a deejay by career despite what their family thinks of them if they have a good support system like his friends, he also thinks that it’s vital not to disillusion one’s parents but still carry on with one’s passion and doing what parents would appreciate as he does; balancing Medical School with deejaying. He says “it’s never too late to start deejaying even if your family doesn’t support you, all you need is effort and the right support system.”

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