Golola expresses his undying love for Sheebah

Moses Golola, a Ugandan kickboxer champion has come out to declare his undying love for Singer Sheebah Karungi.

During a TV interview, the kickboxer revealed he is the perfect, ‘Sekyeyombekedde’ to the ‘coolest Nakyemombekedde ever,’ Sheebah.

Golola explained that he  understands why  Sheebah  may be a bit skeptical about marriage because sometimes it’s hard for female artists to get a man who fully supports  their celebrity lifestyle.

The kickboxer said he is the ideal man who will love and embrace Sheebah the way she is.

“ I find Sheebah’s body type and skimpy dress code attractive and that is what works for me ,” he added.

When asked what Sheebah can expect from him as a prospective husband. Golola says he will be her body guard that protects her everywhere she goes.

This comes after, the ‘Ice cream’ hitmaker last week in an interview revealed the requirements she expects of her future man.

The singer mentioned quite a number of them but she emphasised mostly on adoration and that the man should look at her as the most special person in his life.

Golola is the second person to come out and express his interest in marrying Sheebah after comedian, 

 Mbuuse Kapere Yokaana who also did the same after learning about Sheebah’s ideal man.

On Several occasions, Sheebah’s fans have harassed her over why she is not getting married or having children like her other female celebrities in her age bracket.

However, the singer has consistently maintained that she has no need for a man in her life.

Early this month, Sheebah posted a picture of herself standing  in front of her mansion and captioned it saying that, ‘ the coolest Nakyemombekedde Ever’ which caused quite a heated debate about her marital status. Moses Golola’s marital status is not quite clear to the public.

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