Fifi Da Queen accused of having fake hips

A renowned Ugandan On Twitter (UOT) Evelyn Nakayi has come out to accuse local media personality and entertainer Fifi Da Queen of having photoshopped hips.

Fiery conversations on socialites, celebrities, musicians, and entertainers have been running around social media on how some photoshop bums and curves. This has got many spicy talks going on and on leading to some turning into debates.

One of the debates on Friday left many social media worms wordless as Bukedde TV’s entertainer Fifi Da Queen’s name was dragged in the mud as one of the photoshop practitioners.

Fifi Da Queen – a local media personality and entertainer with Bukedde Tv. (Photo Credit: Internet)

Nakayi through one of her tweets shared a photo spilling details of Fifi Da Queen’s hips enhanced with bad photoshop.

She went on to say, “Reminds me of how a one TV personality photoshopped her hips and bums, unfortunately during the process, she bent her door.”

Photoshop is reportedly used by many women and girls who wish to have bigger, good-looking and curvaceous bodies. The photo-editing tool is very common among socialites and celebrities who wish to keep up with appearances.

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