Events Promoter Abitex Arrested After a Freedom City Crowd Surge

Police on monday revealed that they had arrested events promoter Abbey Musinguzi also known as Abitex Promotions following a stampede on New Year’s Eve at Freedom city mall that left 10 people dead.

While addressing journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said that police arrested Abitex to help in investigations in regards negligence during the concert.

“We are investigating him for negligence that could have caused the death of 10 people,”Enanga said.

The stampede at freedom City mall happened after the emcee of the event told the revelers to rush out and watch fireworks display a few minutes to midnight and return. As revelers rushed out through a single exit to go and watch fireworks, they collided with each other leading to the death of 10 people including juveniles.

“Security had locked four other exits and entries and the revelers had to use one point of entry and exit. Therefore, several victims were trapped and tramped upon through the narrow passage which became a bottleneck for many, mostly juveniles,” Enanga said.

Enanga said they’re hunting for other event organisers who were part of the fateful event.

He said investigations by the Criminal Investigations Directorate, Crime Intelligence, Counter Terrorism and Forensics into the incident are still ongoing to ascertain whether there were enough stewards to help in crowd control but also paramedics to help in case of any incident like it happened.

According to the police spokesperson, they are also investigating why children 18 were allowed to attend the concert without any adult.

“We remind organizers of events and proprietors of events to always follow the safety and security guidelines on management of public events.”

He further said that they are also considering a similar charge against parents of the children below 18 years who died in this stampede.

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