Chaos Erupts as David Lutalo Fails to Perform, Properties Destroyed

Police in Arua city, northern Uganda were forced to fire bullets to disperse revelers at Paradise Hall who had turned unruly after David Lutalo, a Kampala-based Afro-beat artist failed to show up.

The extensively advertised show was organised by Moses Abila of O.K Electronic Center Arua Promotion and attracted revellers from Arua, Zombo, Nebbi, Pakwach, and Madi Okollo.

According to manager of Paradise Hall, Alex Jangeyambe, Abila vanished in the middle of the night, switching off his known telephone contact after collecting gate fees from revelers who eagerly awaited Lutalo’s performance.

Once the crowd learnt that Lutalo will be a no-show, they started destroying plastic chairs, tables, bottles, and drinks. They even resorted to throwing stones at nearby structures, including damaging the windscreen of a stationary tipper lorry.

Jangeyambe explained that O.K. Electronic Promotion had booked the hall two weeks in advance and fulfilled all payment obligations.

But when contacted, Lutalo’s manager, Nasa Ziwa, denied organizing any music performances in the West Nile region and claimed they had not been approached.

However, Paradise Hall’s manager asserted that Abila had been working closely with him and had even booked accommodation for the artist and his crew in Karombo Cell, Zombo Town Council. Abila had informed him that the team should reside in Zombo as they prepared for a separate show in Arua on Sunday, May 14.

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