BUBU Fashion and Billboard Awards unveiled

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives in partnership with Abercom Technologies Limited, Uganda and Soko Uganda have officially launched the Buy Uganda Build Uganda ( BUBU) Fashion and Billboard awards to promote the country’s fashion industry by award performing artists who have played a key role in promoting local products.

Speaking at the launch held at Hotel Africana , Kampala on Thursday, the Minister of State for Trade, Harriet Ntabaazi said the awards will aim at promoting local content specifically, the textile, garments and footwear, and recognise the role of art and entertainment industry in promoting local products and services in the country.

” The Ministry has under these awards dedicated a fashion week to showcase local clothing and footwear brands to avert the negative attitude towards our local products,” She said.

According to the Minister, the purpose of this launch is to create awareness and kick start the activities to be carried out between now and 17th December, 2021 when the awards will be given out. She added that the awards will organised annually.

“The Buy Uganda Build Uganda Fashion and Billboard awards will be recognised annually by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives and the government of Uganda,” The Minister said.

Ntabaazi further revealed that through the awards, the government will recognise and appreciate performing artists that have promoted Ugandan products using music, comedy and drama.

Prior to the 3-day main awards event which will begin from 15th to 17th December, the Minister said they plan to extend campaigns which will be held in all four regions of Uganda to further disseminate information and BUBU in a bid to create a positive attitude towards Uganda’s local products.

Hillary Mbabazi, the Managing Director of Abercom Technologies Limited, Uganda also added that through the initiative, it was realised that the Arts and Entertainment Industry plays a role in realising the creation of a positive mindset towards Ugandan products.

” This is because the art and Entertainment has attracted the Public to consume more of our local products both directly and indirectly and as well promoted the nation in different international forums which have picked interest in investing Uganda,” he explained.

Mbabazi adds that although the art and Entertainment industry has positively influenced the consumption of Ugandan products and promoted local entrepreneurs, it has not been officially recognised and appreciated.

” That is why Abercom Technologies Limited, Uganda and Soko Uganda is spearheading an initiative refered to as, “BUBU Fashion and Billboard awards to recognise and appreciate local performing artists who have consciously promoted our local private sector,” he said.

The awards have been organised under the theme, “promoting local content: the role of arts and entertainment industry.”

Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) is a government policy that was approved by cabinet in 2014 to promote the consumption and procurement of goods and services produced locally.

As a result of that, Soko Uganda came up with the awards initiative which was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Abercom Technologies Limited Uganda and Uganda Manufacturers Association in 2018 with the aim of marketing Ugandan products as a way of increasing market access for locally manufactured products in both domestic and global markets.

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