Ali Kiba’s Wife Files for Divorce

Amina Khalef, the wife of Tanzanian superstar artiste, Ali Kiba has filed for divorce, we can report.

In her application, Amina cites a number of challenges she has faced in her marriage, among them unfaithfulness, disrespect and neglect, and forsaking fatherly duties.

Amina says their differences have proved to be irreparable. The two tied the knot in 2018, and have been blessed with three children since then.

She says efforts to reconcile have been in vain, and dissolving the marriage will be in the interest of justice.

She wants Ali Kiba to be directed to pay Shs 6M per month for upkeep and medical care of their children.

Court in Tanzania has given 15 days to Ali Kiba to reply to this petition.

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