UNEB Releases 2022 UCE Results Showing Improvement in Chemistry and Physics

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has today released the 2022 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results showing a significant improvement in performance better than their fellows who sat in 2020.

Releasing the UCE exam results on Thursday at State House Nakasero, the executive director of UNEB, Mr Dan Odongo revealed that out of the 345,945 cadidates that registered for the examinations, only 345,695 candidates sat for the examinations.

Of that number, 46,667 passed in division one,76,745 in second division, 88,690 in third division and 117,837 passed in division four.

Upto 15,756 failed the examinations and are expected to repeat senior four if they wish to proceed to senior five, Mr Odongo said.

He further revealed that there has been an improvement in performance in the large entry subjects except in Christian Religious Education, Biology and Commerce. Mathematics showed better performance at the Distinction level, but declined overall.

English Language improved at credit and overall Pass levels but declined at the distinction level.
Performance in Biology has continued to decline as seen in the last few years.

Performance in Physics and Chemistry has improved, although the overall pass levels are still low. Over 40% of the candidates have not passed the two subjects.

This year also marked the first time the board is examining Chinese Language.

Mr. Odongo noted that total of 134 candidates sat and 124 (92.5%) of them passed. The language is in addition to other major languages; French, German, Arabic, Latin and Kiswahili already are being examined.

Candidature increased by 16,063 (4.8%) from 333,396 in 2020 to 349,459, in 2022 reversing the decrease of 4,324 (-1.3%) that had been witnessed in the previous examination. The candidates sat from 3,703 centres. Of these, 114,181 (32.7%) were USE beneficiaries.

The number of male candidates registered is 175,768 (50.3%) and that of females is 173,691 (49.7%). The difference is 2,077 more males than females who registered for the examination. In 2019, the number of females had surpassed that of the males, for the first time, by 398.

Examiners reported better quality work in English Language. However, in composition writing, where candidates are expected to exhibit creativity and originality, learners in some schools are still cramming passages from textbooks what they call “model compositions” with unusual and difficult vocabulary. They then reproduce the crammed passages irrespective of what the composition topic is. This practice is, fortunately, declining, because candidates who do this are punished.

In the Comprehension passage, candidates found difficulty in extracting appropriate information to use to correctly answer the questions based on the passage. There are also weaknesses in using the correct grammar in sentence construction. The essential skill of extracting main ideas from a passage and writing out a coherent summary presents a major challenge to most candidates,” Mr Odongo said.

According to him, the challenge of language deficiency is reflected in performance in other subjects, where Chief Examiners continue to report failure by the candidates to interpret the demands of the tasks set, failure to follow instructions, misunderstanding key words used in the stem of a question, and generally poor language expression.

A total of 1,035 results will be withheld in accordance with Section 5 (2) (b) of the UNEB Act No 1 of 2021. The number of resuits to be withheld has been reducing steadily at this level.
UNEB Examination centres from which results are withheld will be notified through their portals.

How to get results

Heads of examination Centres can download the results from their portals as soon as they are released. No hard copy result lists will be issued from UNEB offices until conditions are more favourable. Examination centres will be notified accordingly.

To access the student’s UCE results, go to the ‘Message’ menu and type UCE, leave space, then type the student’s index number of the candidate; e.g. U0000/001. Send to 6600 on the MTN and AIRTEL networks.

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