UNEB Extends Registration Deadline

The Uganda National Examinations Board- UNEB has announced an extension of the registration deadline for the 2023 national examinations at all three levels. The extension is aimed at ensuring that all eligible candidates have the opportunity to register.

The original deadline for registration was May 31, 2023, but UNEB has now extended the registration period until June 7, 2023.

The Executive Director of UNEB, Dan Odongo urged parents and head teachers to take advantage of this extension and ensure that all eligible candidates are registered.

“UNEB has extended the period of registration…to accommodate more candidates that had not been able to register by the end of the initial deadline of 31 May 2023,” Odongo noted.  

According to UNEB statistics, by the original registration deadline, a total of 1,165,159 candidates had been registered across all three levels. However, specific figures for each level were not disclosed.

UNEB mentioned that for the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), 96 percent of the expected centers had completed registration, while at the secondary level, 91.2 percent and 86 percent of the expected centers had completed registration for the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) respectively.

With the registration extension, schools have until June 7th to register candidates without any additional fees.

However, PLE candidates who register between June 8th and June 30th will be required to pay a surcharge equivalent to 100 percent of the registration fees. Similarly, UCE and UACE candidates registering during that period will face a 50 percent surcharge.

During the final phase of late registration in July 2023, all candidates at each level will be subjected to a 100 percent surcharge. It is important for schools to note that no candidates will be allowed to register after July 31st.

Schools have also been granted the opportunity to make necessary modifications to the submitted data, such as names and index numbers, until July 31st.

Importantly, no surcharges will be imposed for these amendments during this period. The registration process for the 2023 national examinations began on April 1st.

The prescribed registration fees for each level are 34,000 shillings for PLE, 164,000 shillings for UCE, and 186,000 shillings for UACE.

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