UBTEB Exams Commence Today with increase in Candidature

The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board-UBTEB is set to kick off its examinations on Monday next week, marking the beginning of a crucial three-week period for 64,387 candidates from 517 centers.

Onesmus Oyesigye, the UBTEB Executive Secretary, says for this time’s candidature has surged to an all-time high, reflecting a growing interest in technical and vocational education across the country.

Based on the available data, in previous years, the number of students registering for Technical and Vocational Education and Training- TVET exams remained stagnant at around 40,000.

However, in recent times, there has been a consistent increase in the number of students opting for TVET programs each year.

As a result, the examination board projects that in the near future, the number of students choosing TVET will approach the numbers seen in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A’Level) exams, whose candidature range is currently around 95,000 candidates.

Oyesigye emphasizes that beyond the statistical data, there is another intriguing aspect noticed among the enrolled students. Many of them have shown significant improvements compared to their previous levels of education.

For instance, he pointed out that a considerable number of registered students achieved much higher results, with some scoring as high as 12 points from their Uganda Certificate of Education.

To him, with other factors held constant, this indicates a positive shift in attitude towards TVET programs.

In the past, such programs were predominantly associated with academically underperforming students. However, now both students and parents seem to appreciate the value of TVET programs and are actively embracing them.

UBTEB’s Executive Secretary further highlights a positive trend in the assessment, indicating an increase in the participation of females and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). This increase in inclusivity is seen as a promising development. Specifically, in this assessment, 19,298 females and 175 Persons with Disabilities have registered to take part.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Wilfred Nahamya, the Deputy Executive Secretary at UBTEB, the upcoming assessment will encompass four different programs. These programs include business-related courses and departmental programs for students studying in various institutions under ministries such as the Institute of Surveys in the Ministry of Lands, and meteorological officers from UNMA, among others.

Furthermore, the assessment will also include students studying Modularized certificates from Centers of Excellence-Technical, as well as Technical programs like UCPC (Uganda Community Polytechnic Certificates), National Certificates, and Diplomas.

Dr. Wilfred also highlighted the board’s commitment to ensuring the security of the examinations. To accomplish this, they have deployed 508 Examination Managers, including Reconnoiters and Monitors.

Additionally, due to the practical and hands-on nature of some modules, the board has assigned 22,515 practical Assessors and Verifiers to conduct on-the-spot assessments of candidates in fields such as cosmetology, catering, and engineering programs.

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