Teachers Refuse to Call off Strike Despite Museveni Directive

Teachers across the nation under the Uganda National Teachers Union (Unatu) haved refused to return to class despite a directive by President Museveni urging them to call off their ongoing strike against salary discrimination.

Last Saturday, the President said the requests of teachers would be addressed but in a phased way.

“In principle, we shall pay everybody well but as of now, let us concentrate on one aspect. Don’t tell me about this industrial action. Go and work. Our aim is to pay civil servants well,” he said.

UNATU met with the President but the leaders of the union say the union did not yield any significant results.

Science teachers with degrees are expected to be to earn 4million, an increase from 1.2m while that of diploma science teachers is expected to increase from Shs950,000 to Shs3 million.

 Currently, the arts teachers, who are degree holders, earn a monthly salary of about Shs1,080,000 while diploma holders in secondary schools earn about Shs795,000.

Arts teachers want their salaries increased too. 

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