Sudanese Student Voted New Nkumba University Guild President

An international student from Sudan, Given Victor Toka has been voted the new Guild President 2022/2023 for Nkumba University.

Toka, a second-year International Relations and Diplomacy student defied all odds to beat six Ugandans to the race. He beat Amon Muhwezi (LLB 3), Morris Ssemmambo (LLB 3), Sheriff Ssebina (LLB 3), Arthur Andweineho – second year Business Administration, Imran Lutaakome Kigongo (LLB 3) and Daniel Ngirabakunzi.  

It was a tightly guarded exercise with plain and uniformed security personnel from Police, UPDF and internal security outfits. Candidates shared 1200 votes that were cast and Jossy Nduhura, the chairman Nkumba University Electoral Commission 2022-2023 announced the final result on Saturday at 9:35 pm.

Toka polled 289 votes, while Andweineho came second with 278 votes. The DP supported Ssemambo polled 145 votes, Muhwezi 144 votes, Ssebina 127 votes, Lutaakome 111 votes, and Ngirabakunzi 87 votes.

It was an exercise characterised by the breaking of rules. Political party politics is prohibited but this played out openly as parties sponsored candidates, though unofficially. This meant candidates were nominated in their individual capacities but parties funded and supported their own.

The ruling NRM sponsored Arthur Andweineho, while the National Unity Platform – NUP sponsored Morris Ssemmamb, and the Democratic Party – DP sponsored Imran Lutaakome.

After the declaration of results on Saturday night, Toka said that he will start by addressing some of the policies deemed unconducive to the student’s learning and welfare. He explained that partly his success had depended on his exploitation of a big international students base and selling of his message to the local students who appreciated his agenda.

The runner-up, Andweineho declined to comment on the exercise after the results were declared.  However, earlier on he had dismissed accusations that he had dished out money to voters.  His supporters blamed his loss to Amon Muhwezi for having divided the NRM vote.

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