Student Found Dead in School Store

A senior four student of St. Michael High School in Rubirizi district has been found dead inside a school store.

The headteacher James Rukaijakare says that Moses Atukwatse, 18, a resident of Kambiringi cell, Rutoto sub-county was suspended about a week ago after escaping from school.

He was then asked to report back with a roll of barbed wire as a fine, but according to Rukaijakare, on Tuesday Atukwatse returned to school without the barbed wire and was sent back home.

He says they were shocked when the student was found dead in the store. Martial Tumusiime, Greater Bushenyi police spokesperson says preliminary investigations show that the deceased sneaked back into school at night and was seen by one of the students scaling the wall of the school store, who reported him to the school guard.

According to Tumusiime, Atukwatse was arrested by the school guard who then locked him inside the store pending the intervention of the head teacher and police.

He said that when the police arrived at the school on Thursday at 9:00 am to pick up the student, they found his body hanging on the window panes. Tumusiime said that the student could have committed suicide by hanging using his belt.

Tumusiime says the body of the deceased was taken to Rugazi health centre IV mortuary for postmortem as inquiries in the case are going on.   

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