Secondary School Teachers in Masaka City Protest Irregular Salary Payment

A section of teachers in government secondary schools on Tuesday stormed the office of Masaka City Town Clerk to protest the delayed and irregular payment of their salaries. 

The enraged teachers argue that they have missed salary payments ranging between two to five months and that their concerns have not been addressed despite repeated reminders to the authorities.

The 40 teachers delivered a petition to the office of the Masaka City Resident Commissioner and the regional Inspectorate of Government, demanding an investigation into the conduct of the City Town Clerk Godfrey Bemanyisa, whom they accuse of deliberately turning a blind eye to their plights.

Joseph Sserugo, one of the affected teachers indicates that they have suffered delays in the payments of their monthly salaries, but the authorities have continuously snubbed them; suspecting foul play in the office of the Town Clerk; which they have asked the Inspectorate of Government to investigate.

Sserugo says that he last received his salary in June and is currently struggling with his survival yet he is required to offer services at schools without any compromise.

Amina Ndagire and Patrick Sserufuka, who have missed salaries since July indicated that they have repeatedly sought an audience with the Town Clerk to file their concerns but their efforts have not yielded positive results after they were instead tossed up and down.

The aggrieved teachers have threatened to lay down their tools should they fail to get their salaries before the end of this week.

According to their petition, the delayed payment has affected close to 120 teachers out of the total of 312 government secondary school teachers in Masaka City. Ndagire argues that their colleagues in the neighboring district have not suffered similar delays in payments, which raises suspicion about the conduct of the Masaka City Accounting Officer.

But Geoffrey Bemanyisa, the Masaka City Town Clerk has pleaded with the teachers to remain calm and stay at their respective duty stations, indicating that they doing everything possible to address the problem.

He attributes the irregularities in the payment of teachers’ salaries to the network failure of the Electronic Funds Transfer-EFT in addition to the budget shortfall that arouse from the recently enhanced payment rates for science teachers, which depleted their available budget before all staff could be paid. 

He says that they notified the relevant department about the prevailing problem and are jointly working towards solving it in the shortest time possible.

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