Schools in Moroto Hit by Shortage of Science Teachers

Secondary school head teachers in Moroto district are concerned about the shortage of science teachers.

The shortage has forced several schools to employ the services of student teachers to teach science subjects.  The schools also lack safety gear and inadequate apparatus to support the effective teaching of science subjects.

Albert Machecho, the head teacher Nadunget Seed Secondary school says the school has only four science teachers paid by the government and five who were recruited by the school to teach O level.  Machecho noted that the number is still inadequate and most of the teachers are overwhelmed while subjects like Biology and Chemistry are not taught. 

He also revealed that they had hoped to enroll learners in A-level classes next year, but with the current crisis, it may not be possible.

According to Machecho, they need five more teachers to add to the existing number to be able to cover the O level and to reduce the workload among the teachers.

Twaha Chebet, the head teacher of Moroto High School said the school has a population of 1,051 students for both ‘O’ and ‘’A’’ level against 19 science teachers of which the majority are paid by PTA fees.

Chebet noted that although O’ level classes are fairly covered, there is a burden in ‘’A’’ level because the teachers are diploma holders which are not desirable.  He wants the government to add more teachers for effective learning and also improve the performance of science subjects.

Twaha also observed that the school is also having more gaps in some Art subjects like English, CRE, History, and Economics.

Paul Oputa, the Moroto District Education Officer says that the shortage of qualified science teachers is likely to affect students who are studying science subjects.

Oputa said there is nothing they can do about the situation because the teachers are recruited at the center by the Ministry and their work is only to wait for those they post for them.

He also revealed that even if teachers are posted, many get transfers immediately after accessing the payroll leaving schools in jeopardy.

“It is true we are facing a shortage of science teachers and all this is because when the government posts them to our schools they disappear immediately after accessing payroll’’ Oputa reiterated.

Oputa said they have requested the Ministry of Education to allow the Public Service Commission to recruit teachers who hail from the region.

Moroto district has seven secondary schools both private and government.

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