School Under Fire for Shaving Off Female Students’ Long Hair

Some new first-year students reporting to a school in western Kenya have had their hair shaved off to comply with a strict dress code.

Escorted by their parents and guardians, the new learners queued at various desks to go through the admission process, those found to have long hair were directed to a group of barbers.

“Welcome Kereri Girls, to the girls who are here for the admission process and you have long hair, it is the school’s policy that you get shaved,” an announcer said, local media reported.

“To my left, there is a barber please proceed there to get assistance. Thank you,” the announcer said.

Local NTV station shared a video of a student having her hair shaved off.

Some people commenting on the story have criticised the Kisii County boarding school, saying it should focus on more-important issues.

“Another problem with our Kenyan schools, instead of focusing on the mental health and welfare of students they focus on the physical issues – a head that is perfectly shaved but with poor mental health is like a 2023 model ranger over without an engine,” one tweeter posted.

Politician Robert Alai tweeted: “Students shouldn’t be shaved bald with the hot sun. The hair protects the skin. Sad that we still encourage this nonsense.”

Strict dress code rules are common in Kenyan education institutions, including some universities.

Source: BBC

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