Pupils Asks Parents, Teachers to Respect Their Rights

Pupils in Moroto district are demanding respect for their rights to enable them to achieve their goals in the future. The children made the appeal during the Human Rights Day celebrations held at Kasimeri primary school.

The children who were drawn from selected schools noted that corporal punishment, defilement, and child labor are some of the barriers to education. They said their rights have deliberately been violated by the people whom they trust would help to give them leads to better their future.

Asha Nabuin, a pupil at Child Jesus primary school noted that many children across Karamoja sub-region have been denied access to education by their parents and little is done to address the situation. 

Nabuin said that she would like to see parents who have turned their children into breadwinners of their families punished because of ruining their future. ‘’We have different dreams to achieve but our effort to succeed has been frustrated by the people who don’t care about our wellbeing,’’ she said.

Desire Nganda, a pupil from Moroto municipal primary school observed that corporal punishment at school has discouraged some pupils from learning. Nganda appealed to teachers to consider treating learners like any other person and create a safe learning environment instead of torturing them under the pretext of teaching.

Lawrence Illukol, a pupil in Kasimeri primary school blamed parents for giving their children too much freedom, which has made some of them relax. Illukol attributed the mess children are going through in the streets to the failure of parents to show them the right direction.

Samuel Ewangu, the head teacher at Kasimeri primary school, said that all the concerns raised by children were taken seriously and will be addressed as time goes on. Ewangu said that the children have demonstrated that they are good tools to use as change agents, adding that the message of respecting children’s rights should be spread up to villages where some of the perpetrators are hiding.

Lucy Akajo, the UNATU Karamoja regional coordinator said the government should look for possible ways to ensure that children get a better education and motivate teachers to deliver quality services. Akajo said that both teachers and learners need equal rights and services and they shall continue advocating for it in various forums. 

David Koryang, the LCV chairperson for Moroto district asked the teachers to differentiate between torture and punishment because many times the two have been used and this torments learners. Koryang said their work as leaders is to ensure that there is better service delivery and advocate for peace and the schools should take the responsibility of raising good children who will be great leaders in the future.

On the 10th of December, Moroto district joined the rest of the country to commemorate Human Rights Day under the theme “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All”.

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