Primary Schools in Lorengedwat Sub County Yet to Receive PLE Results

Candidates from three primary schools in Lorengedwat Sub County in Nabilatuk district are yet to receive their Primary Leaving Examination-PLE results, a month after their release by the Uganda National Examination Board-UNEB. The examination body released the PLE results on January 27th, 2023.

However, 67 candidates who sat their PLE at Lorengedwat and Komatur primary schools are yet to receive their results. John Leese sat PLE at Lorengedwat primary school. He, however, says that a month later, he is yet to know his performance since the results have not yet returned. Leese said his parents have forced him to repeat primary seven as they wait for their results.

Leese says that he has already lost hope of joining secondary education because the results have taken a long time without any leads. Benjamin Alinga also a candidate from the same school strongly believes that he scored better grades but unfortunately the results have not been released so that he can proceed to the next level.

Alinga says that he has chosen to stay at school as he waits for his results but in case it fails he will consider repeating the primary leaving examinations. Innocent Lokoru, a pupil from Komatur primary school, says that his mother struggled to raise fees for him and repeating the same class would hurt her since she does not have a clear source of income. 

Lokoru also noted that it hurt him more to repeat the same class because he is not sure of his performance in the last examination.

John Bosco Ediu, the head teacher of Lorengedwat primary school has not yet reported back to school and no one knows his whereabouts. Fred Masela, the acting head teacher of Lorengedwat primary school, said his boss is hiding because of pressure from the parents who are demanding the results of their pupils.

Masela noted that although some candidates have returned to repeat primary seven, they are concerned as teachers why pupils should repeat the same class without knowing their fate. Masela said they have made several calls to the district education officer to find out any development about the results all in vain

Paul Lorukale, the Lorengedwat Sub County LC V councilor wondered why the results of the learners are missing without any clear reasons. Lorukale said that their children have missed scholarships from development partners who were willing to support their studies at the secondary level. 

He also observed that even if results are released, parents are unable to select schools for their children because the selection process was done and they do not know where to go.

Raymond Korobe, the Nabilatuk District Education Officer confirmed that development, saying that he is already engaging UNEB officials to have the matter resolved. Korobe said that he learned later on that the scripts for the two schools whose results are missing were displaced from the UNEB marking center.

He said that the scripts were later found in the storage where scripts are kept and they were not marked. 

Attempts to get clarification from Jennifer Kalule, the UNEB spokesperson, were futile because she did not answer or return our repeated calls. Lorengedwat Sub County has three primary schools but only two have UNEB center numbers, which are now affected.

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