Poor Internet Frustrates Access to PLE Results in Karamoja

Poor internet connectivity is frustrating efforts by district education officers in the Karamoja sub-region to download Primary Leaving Examination results. On Friday,  Uganda National Examinations Board-UNEB released the 2022 PLE results.

However, due to poor internet connections, the Education officials in Karamoja sub-region are still struggling to access the results online. Dada Ross Romano, the Karenga District Education Officer told our reporter that he has been struggling to access results since Friday all in vain due to poor internet connectivity. 

He said they are now getting updates from teachers and parents who are using Short Messaging Services-SMS format to access results through their mobile phones. “Since yesterday I have been trying to download the results but I have failed. I have no information at all for the district. I’m getting it from the parents and teachers and I can’t share that because it is not confirmed,” Dada explained.

Joyce Nakoya, the Napak District Education Officer is also experiencing the same crisis, saying that her system failed to open. Nakoya noted that the poor connectivity could have resulted from the heavy traffic caused by internet users. She says that they have decided to wait until the internet stabilizes to download the results.

Paul Oputa, the Moroto District Education Officer said he is still gathering information from the school head teachers who have been able to access the results of their candidates. Oputa promised to give full details about the performance on Monday after downloading the results from the system.

Some schools in Moroto district have been able to access their results through mobile phones. Samuel Ewangu, the head teacher of Kasimeri primary school, says that 19 candidates at his school got the first grade, 112 in second grade, 4 grade 3, and one in fourth grade. Ewangu said the learners performed better this year compared to 2021 when they registered eight first grades.

Eunice Atiang, the head teacher of Moroto Army primary school said there was an improvement in the PLE performance for 2022 compared to 2021. Atiang said that they registered five learners in first grade and 60 in second grade compared to only two first grades in 2021. She noted that the teachers worked hard despite the challenges they faced during the teacher’s strike and the high prices of scholastic materials.

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