Over 18,000 P7 Candidates Fail Mocks in West Nile

At least 18,465 representing (39.7 percent) out of 46,456 Primary seven candidates who sat mock examinations in West Nile sub-region in August this year failed the exams.

According to the examination results, the majority of the candidates who failed the mocks are boys compared to their female counterparts. For instance, 4,707 boys failed (19.69%) the mocks compared to 3989 girls representing (16.69%).

The results released Thursday by the State Minister for Primary Education Dr. Joyce Moriku indicate that 483 candidates passed in Division 1, 4,355 pupils obtained Division 2, and 46,456 Division 3. 

Hajji Swalleh Onzima, the Chairperson of the West Nile Primary School Head Teachers Association, says that the high failure rates resulted from the prolonged industrial action by the teachers that affected syllabus coverage.

Dominic Bunia, the chairperson of the Academic Committee of West Nile Primary Schools Head Teachers Association explains that Koboko Municipality emerged the best with a pass rate of 29.59% followed by Arua city (16.57%).

Social studies (SST) was the best-performing subject followed by the English language and Basic Science. Mathematics was the worst-done subject with 11,031 failures. Disappointed with the performance, Dr. Joyce Moriku, said there is a need for the educationists to be proactive if better performance is to be realized in the sub-region.

According to the results, Madi Okollo district performed the worst where no candidate passed in division 1, followed by Arua and Obongi districts. The mock exams administered by the West Nile Primary Schools Head Teachers Association covered 15 districts, municipalities, and Arua city.

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