New Ruling Clarifies on University Delegations to National Students’ Association

A new ruling by the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) has banned repetitive representation of some universities and other tertiary institutions to the association through satellite campuses.

The ruling follows a petition filed by Moses Mufakinange Omujugujugu, a student of Makerere University against the discrepancies and illegalities in the National Students Council Delegates Register, 2022.

According to Omujugujugu, the delegate’s register needed to be sanitized since students have been fraudulently becoming delegates to the body by forging documents and sometimes conniving with their school deans to have them recognized as holders of positions that they don’t actually hold.  

He explains that in this particular register, some names had impersonated positions whereby they were presented as guild presidents and guild speakers of their respective Universities while they are not.

These include Rogers Kiyega, who was presented as the Guild President of Makerere University Business School (MUBs),  Marcel Engiro who fraudulently presented himself as the Guild President for Busitema University, Joshua Muhwezi who presented himself as the Guild President of Makerere University and Brian Dhikusooka who was presented as president of the MUBS- Jinja campus.

Now, the ruling delivered by speaker Agaba Kenneth Amponda who represented the committee of five top executives of the association stipulates that going forward, delegates will only come from mother tertiary institutions.

Being a delegate to UNSA, which was established by section 30 of the Education Act 2008 to push for the contribution of students and youth to national development and needs is sought after by many students as it comes with several defined and undefined perks as it under the patronage of President Yoweri Museveni.

Because of this, Omujugujugu says this ruling which touched on a number of issues will help guide in future and uproot the wrong elements that have been taking advantage since even at the hearing phase some students couldn’t clearly state what positions they hold at their various schools.

Apart from this, the ruling shows that the name presented as a representative of students with disabilities to the UNSA Council was not disabled and yet this is a primary requirement, according to their constitution.

Meanwhile, according to the law, all students in Uganda are members of UNSA and article 5 of the association constitution defines the structure of UNSA at the school, district, university and other tertiary institutions levels.

All students attending post-primary education is Uganda are supposed to remit an annual subscription fee of two thousand shillings to the association.

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