Mukono Police Commander Arrested For Shooting UCU Student

Mukono Counter-Terrorism Police Commander, Dismas Tebangole, has been arrested for shooting a student of Uganda Christian University on Saturday morning.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Tebbangole 57, allegedly shot and injured 21-year-old Natasha Nagayi at Nabuti village, Mukono Central Division. The suspect allegedly admitted to having shot the victim whom he suspected was trying to gain entrance to his house early in the morning.

“I heard someone attempting to open my main door using a key. I peeped through the window glass and I saw a person opening my door with a key. I wasn’t excepting anyone. I became suspicious and I discharged three bullets through the window glass,” ASP Tebangole is quoted by Police.

Nagayi was injured on the right chest near the lower armpit. She reportedly fell down and cried for help while pleading saying she was not a thief.

Those who responded to her call for help said she told them that she was a girlfriend to one Ashiraf Bandishe, also a tenant who shared a block with Tebangole.

Witnesses said Bandishe confirmed to them that he had given his house keys to Nagayi to have a rest. Nagayi however mistakenly tried to open Tebangole’s door instead of opening the opposite one where Bandishe resides.

Among those that responded is Hanington Ssengendo, the caretaker of the residence along with other neighbors.

Kampala metropolitan police deputy spokesperson, ASP Luke Owoyesigyire said Tebangole’s pistol was picked with 12 bullets.

The response team from Mukono Central police also picked Tebangole for interrogation.

“We have been told that she mistakenly attempted to open the suspect’s room, which is opposite Ashiraf’s room, leading to the unfortunate shooting incident. To preserve the integrity of the crime scene, initial steps were taken by the first responders. A pistol with 12 rounds of live ammunition, was recovered from the suspect by the response police team,” ASP Owoyesigyire said.

Nagayi was transported in critical condition to Kawolo Hospital for immediate medical attention. Police are currently conducting investigations to gather all pertinent details. In the last two weeks, gun violence has dominated the headlines.

Since the start of this month, a minister, a money lender, a UPDF soldier and four private security guards have died by use of a gun. However, some have killed themselves while others have been shot dead.

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