Makerere University Perimeter Wall to Cost more than UGX 7B- Prof Nawangwe

The ongoing construction of the Makerere University perimeter wall will cost more than 7 billion Shillings, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Barnabas Nawangwe has revealed.

Speaking to URN, Prof. Nawangwe said that although part of the perimeter wall is already up, the remaining part along Sir Apollo Kaggwa road up to the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-Security is the hardest portion and will cost 4 billion Shillings.   

He revealed that the government has already released the remaining money for the works being undertaken by the UPDF Engineering Brigade.

Unlike the first phase which stretches from the Main gate along Makerere hill road up to Sir Apollo Kaggwa traffic lights and some parts of Bombo road that have metallic spikes fixed on top of the brick wall, the new design provides a higher barrier in some sensitive areas to protect students and staff.

The construction of the perimeter wall started way back in 2017. However, the project has been on and off due to limited resources. Once completed, the perimeter wall is expected to boost security at the campus by providing well-designated and secure entry and exit points.  

As of now, Makerere has three official motorized gates including the Main Gate along Makerere Hill Road, Western Gate along Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, and the Eastern Gate along Bombo Road.  However, there are dozens of pedestrian entry points around Uganda’s oldest university, both official and unofficial.

While the three official gates open and close at specific times, the small entry points are largely open 24 hours without security. This means hundreds of people, including those with ill intentions, walk in and out of Makerere university without being checked.  

Nawangwe also told URN that the University is lobbying for 100 billion Shillings to renovate all halls of residence. The renovation will start with Lumumba hall, which Professor Nawangwe says is estimated to cost 8.9 billion Shillings. 

Apparently, students who were residing in Lumumba hall have since been re-distributed to other halls as the University prepares to kick start the renovation works.

Other halls lined up for renovation include Mitchell hall, Livingstone, Nsibirwa, Nkrumah, University hall, complex hall, Africa hall, and Mary Stewart hall. For many years, several students and bystanders have raised concerns about the state of the halls of residence at the University. 

In 2019, Members of Parliament on the Education committee were shocked over the poor state of the halls of residence on campus during their visit to the university as part of the probe over the impasse that followed the 15% cumulative tuition increment. 

The MPs noted that the halls of residence were dilapidated and recommended a comprehensive refurbishment. Block C in Lumumba Hall has been a no-go area since 2006 when it was cordoned off due to its poor state. However, the renovation works have been pending up to date. Prior to its shutdown, it was accommodating nearly 200 students.

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