Kakumiro Candidates Write Special Mathematics Paper

Twenty-three candidates from St. Christine Primary school in Kakumiro district have finally written the special mathematics paper. The candidates missed the mathematics papers during their Primary Leaving Examinations on November 8th, 2022 when they arrived one hour and fifteen minutes late contrary to the UNEB rules and regulations. PLE starts at exactly 9 am.

The affected candidates had registered at Mpasana primary school UNEB center in Mpasana town council. It later emerged that the school authorities failed to transport the candidates to the UNEB center in time. The candidates walked for 15 kilometers to the UNEB center to write the exams but couldn’t make it on time. 

They were, however, allowed to write the remaining papers. UNEB instituted a team to investigate the circumstances, under which the candidates missed the mathematics paper. The investigations put the blame squarely on the school administration prompting the examination body and the Ministry of Education and Sports to agree to administer a special mathematics paper for the candidates not to affect their education cycle.

UNEB set November 30th as the date for the candidates to write the special paper at Kyakuterekera Primary school, which is about 4km from St. Christine primary school which is also under Mpasaana primary school UNEB center. This morning UNEB delivered the special mathematics paper for the candidates. 

The candidates started writing the paper at exactly 9 am under tight supervision from UNEB. Speaking to URN before entering the examination room, some of the candidates expressed their excitement now that the examination body had granted them an opportunity to write the paper they missed.

Mackline Ainembabazi, one of the candidates, says that she is happy after writing the paper to enable her to continue her education cycle without any interruption. She applauds UNEB for the wise decision taken saying missing the mathematics paper on November 8th wasn’t their own making. She wants to become a journalist in the future. 

Ian Kaweesi, another candidate says that this is a rare moment for them, saying that he thought UNEB would not afford them a chance to seat the paper they missed on November 8th, 2022. He explains that they were considering dropping out of school if UNEB would have denied them the chance to seat their paper. 

Emilly Kemigisha, another candidate says she is ready to write and pass the paper following the thorough revision she did together with her fellow candidates as they waited for the special paper.

Doreen Niwabine, another candidate says that they lost a lot of time during the COVID-19 pandemic and their parents cleared school fees and other requirements in time but the school authorities failed to transport them to the examination center on a fateful day. She wants tougher action taken against the school management.  

Deogratius Ndahare, a parent says that he had lost hope in his son’s education when he missed the mathematics paper. He however says following the crucial decision taken by UNEB and the ministry of education and sports, he is assured that his son will complete his education cycle uninterrupted.

Juddy Tindimuyeba, another parent wants the Education authorities to do all it takes to punish the management of the school that made their children miss the mathematics paper on November 8 to avoid a repeat of the same. 

Emmanuel Mpirirwe, the chairperson of the Parents Teachers Association-PTA, wants the Education Ministry to give the school authorities a deserving punishment. The Kakumiro District Inspector of Schools, Mary Kyofuna, says this time round, by exactly 7:30 am all the 23 candidates had arrived at the examination center ready to write the paper. 

William Baleke, the Kakumiro District Education officer-DEO says the candidates were prepared and counseled enough before sitting the paper. 

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