First Lady Janet Museveni Calls Meeting With Striking Teachers

At the back of a sit down strike by arts teachers across the country, the First Lady and Education Minister Janet Museveni has called for a meeting with the leadership of the teachers association to chart a way forward.

On Wednesday, the Uganda National Teachers Union instructed arts teachers to lay down their tools until government gives them feedback on what they called discriminatory salary increment.

Arts teachers argue that science teachers cannot get an increment and they are left out. It should be noted that the government allocated over 400 billion shillings to enhance the salaries and wages of scientists that include health workers, scientist teachers and other scientists for the financial year 2022/2023.

The announced that the First Lady will hold a meeting with the leaders of UNATU, “The Hon First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports has called for a meeting with the teachers’ union leaders on Friday, 17th June 2022, at which a way forward will be agreed. We call upon all teachers to return to classes and teach,” he said.

“Enhancement of the pay of science teachers, scientists and health workers has already commenced. We call upon UNATU to remain patient as Government continues the implementation of the pay enhancement Plan, subject to availability of resources,” he added.

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