Explosive Device Found at Save the Children Offices in Moroto

Workers renovating the Save the Children premises in Moroto district have unearthed an explosive device from underground within the office compound.

According to an anonymous casual laborer, the workers stumbled upon a device resembling a bomb while repairing the office premises on Wednesday.

They immediately reported the finding to the police for further action. Michael Longole, the Mt Moroto Regional Police Spokesperson, confirmed the incident, saying that the scene has been cordoned off while awaiting the arrival of bomb experts to safely detonate the device.

Upon investigation by the Counter Terrorism team, it was confirmed that the device was indeed explosive. As a precautionary measure, the staff at Save the Children were instructed to evacuate the offices until the experts could safely remove and detonate the device.

Longole mentioned that they had initially reached out to the bomb experts from the UPDF (Uganda People’s Defense Force), but they were unavailable. As a result, their own team from Olilim in Katakwi district was called in to handle the situation.

The security team is maintaining control of the scene, strictly prohibiting anyone from approaching the device due to its potential danger if it were to explode.

Longole commended the vigilance of civilians in promptly reporting such suspicious incidents within the community, preventing potential harm and danger.

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